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Holiday Special on eBooks!!!

For a limited time, anyone who purchases the eBook for Taking the Mystery Out of Learning Styles (only $9.99) can receive a FREE eBook copy of Diagnostic Tools to Help the Homeschooling Parent (normally $7.99), when purchased through Smashwords. When you add both eBooks to your Smashwords shopping cart, just enter the Coupon Code FQ72B, and the price of your copy of Diagnostic Tools will be reduced to $0!

Together, these books are called the “Learning Styles Made Simple” series, with Diagnostic Tools as Book #1 (a comprehensive overview for the homeschooling family looking for direction) and Taking the Mystery Out of Learning Styles as Book #2 (“do-it-yourself educational dynamite” that shows you how to easily adapt any lesson to any learning style for any age).

This offer starts today and will run through New Year’s Day 2014, giving you a special homeschooling treat, just in time for the holidays!! Whether you currently homeschool or are just contemplating homeschooling, these two books will provide wonderful insights into how to teach your children in the ways they will learn best — without forcing you to scrap your current curricula, buy any slick, new gadgets, or waste precious time preparing complicated supplemental lessons. If you are a regular reader of Guilt-Free Homeschooling, you know that you can expect our books to deliver solid, practical wisdom, along with a healthy dose of homeschooled humor! So what are you waiting for??? Get your copies today!!! (Be sure to tell all your friends about this great offer, because we want to share it with them, too!)


[Edited to add… More complete descriptions of both books can be found here, then clicking on each book’s cover. Special coupon offer applies only to eBooks ordered through the Smashword links above.]



Ebook Now Available for “Taking the Mystery Out of Learning Styles”

We are excited to announce the availability of Taking the Mystery Out of Learning Styles in multiple ebook formats! Visit to read all about it, view a sample, or buy a copy for your own device. We’d also love it if you’d tell all your friends!!


My Guest Post Is Up at loved my article on turning educational placemats into magnetic learning tools, and they asked if they could use it on their site. See the article here, then go to’s Facebook page and LIKE my post there to increase the chances of them using me for more guest posts. Then maybe you’d like to try making your own magnetic learning aids by following my article’s simple instructions! Your friends will be ooo-ing and ahh-ing over your cool, new magnets, so be sure to share the article with them, too.

GFHS Is Branching Out… as a Guest Blogger

Big news!! I’ve been invited to be a guest blogger on! is the #1 homeschooling site on the Internet, is named one of the Web’s Best Sites for 2009 by Encyclopedia Britannica, and is one of the top 45 sites overall, according to Forbes Magazine—so this is pretty exciting.

My blog is posting the morning of Monday, November 12, 2012.

I would sure like your help in supporting me. You can do so by—

  • Signing up for the blog. It posts three times a week—but they only e-mail once a week to notify readers of upcoming postings—so you won’t be inundated with e-mails from them. And they don’t sell their lists. No worries there. Hopefully, you’ll sign up—after all, you don’t want to miss my debut! Or my possible encore posts!
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  • The day my guest blog posts, please log onto Facebook and “like” the posting that is about ME! If people “like” my post, I may have the opportunity to be a guest blogger again.

Thank you so much!

This Channel Is BACK! (mostly)

Don’t touch that dial! Our Products Page had a bad case of software malfunction, but it is now fixed, and we are operating it via email ( with purchases handled through Paypal. More of our products can be found on our Etsy store, Scarlet Treasures.

Software malfunctions are a lot like bad homeschooling days — you step back to evaluate the situation, then do what you can to adjust and keep going. Just remember that you aren’t alone — even the best of us have days that make us want to hide under the covers! ;-)

><> Carolyn

Bringing GFHS Tips to a Screen Near You!

Carolyn & Jen are working on some new ways to bring their popular workshop tips right to your own internet-surfing device! Have you discovered Pinterest yet? Well, we have! Visit Carolyn’s Pinterest page or Jennifer’s Pinterest page for fabulous tips and ideas you can use in your homeschool. Be sure to click FOLLOW to keep up with all our latest pins.

Have you discovered Etsy? Well, we’re there, too! Our Etsy shop is one you’ll want to visit often as we offer items from our Conference Vendor Booth.  “ScarletTreasures” is our shop’s rather cryptic name (long story), but you can mark it as a FAVORITE to always be able to find it easily.

Carolyn frequently posts teaching tips on her Facebook page, Guilt-Free Homeschooling, so submit your friend request to keep up on those, too! Carolyn also Tweets from guiltfreehsing, and she’ll be attempting to tie all these social media links together without getting tangled up.

We will soon be starting some “Workshop Wednesdays,” blogging the teaching tips and learning methods that have kept our conference attendees coming back for more, workshop after workshop, year after year. We are constantly coming up with new ideas and new ways to apply old ideas to make your job easier, help you teach your children more efficiently, and help your children understand more fully. Stop by all of our sites, browse through our offerings, and say Hi! We always enjoy making new friends and visiting with familiar faces!!