GFHS Is Branching Out… as a Guest Blogger

Big news!! I’ve been invited to be a guest blogger on! is the #1 homeschooling site on the Internet, is named one of the Web’s Best Sites for 2009 by Encyclopedia Britannica, and is one of the top 45 sites overall, according to Forbes Magazine—so this is pretty exciting.

My blog is posting the morning of Monday, November 12, 2012.

I would sure like your help in supporting me. You can do so by—

  • Signing up for the blog. It posts three times a week—but they only e-mail once a week to notify readers of upcoming postings—so you won’t be inundated with e-mails from them. And they don’t sell their lists. No worries there. Hopefully, you’ll sign up—after all, you don’t want to miss my debut! Or my possible encore posts!
  •  “Like” on Facebook and sign up for their Twitter—because they’ll be promoting my posting on Facebook and Twitter. I want you to get the full effect when it posts!
  • The day my guest blog posts, please log onto Facebook and “like” the posting that is about ME! If people “like” my post, I may have the opportunity to be a guest blogger again.

Thank you so much!

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