This blog contains my own opinions of homeschooling, based on my family’s experiences. I expect yours to be different. If your opinions and your experiences are completely identical to mine, you are scary, and one of us needs professional help.

You are encouraged to use critical thinking skills while reading this blog. For example, if I refer to the student as “he,” and you only have daughters, you can still adapt the advice to suit your needs. Similarly, if you are a homeschooling father, and I refer predominantly to homeschooling moms, you can still adapt most of the advice to suit your needs. Sadly, not everyone realizes this.

If you seriously disagree with my philosophy of homeschooling, feel free to move on to another website. I do not expect you to waste your time reading what you do not believe, because I will not waste my time staying at your blog if I think you are wrong.

Comments are encouraged, but your remarks may not be published if they are rude or profane, if you are too chicken to attach your name, or if your comment is merely a spam-type attempt at obtaining free traffic for your own site. If you insist on asking what brand of socks I am smoking when I write, at least try to keep to the main topic and do not try to pick fights over trivial details. Telling me I am stupid is a solid guarantee that your comment will not be published. Move on. Get a life.

Links listed on this blog are for things that I have found to be helpful, thought-provoking, or just plain fun. A link here does not mean that I have researched and approved every facet of the link-ee’s background. If you disagree with anything on a linked site, again, feel free to move on. My links for materials are for things that I have found interesting or diverse. I am not responsible for the content or the opinions found on any of those links. The links on my blog may change from time to time, adding some, subtracting others, and keeping a few favorites around for a long time.

If you have homeschooled longer than I did, feel you know more about homeschooling than I do, or think you could write more helpful information than I have, I encourage you to start a blog and share your wisdom. There are literally thousands of homeschoolers eagerly waiting to hear from you.