Topical Index: Homeschool v. Public School

50 Reasons Why I Could Never Homeschool
But Public School Is Free… Won’t Homeschooling Cost a Lot?
Common Homeschooling Myths Dispelled
Disadvantages of Homeschooling
Driving My Minivan Is the Closest I Get to the “Homeschool Uniform”
Every Day Is a Learning Day, and Life Is Our Classroom
Guilt-Free Homeschooling Means Freedom
Homeschool Beginnings — A Child’s Point of View
Homeschooler’s View of Education, A
Homeschooling and Hotel Management, an Analogy
How Long Should I Homeschool?
How to Encourage Learning
Is Learning Limited to Books?
Junior High (Middle School) Is a Waste of Time (Yours and Theirs)
Kids Will Be Kids
Learning Styles v. It’s a Syndrome
Looking Back on the Bad Days
Name This Figure, or Are There Really Any Wrong Answers?
Our Reasons for Homeschooling
Rainy Day — A Post-Homeschooling Perspective
Reminding Myself of My Ultimate Goal
Second-hand Attitudes
Should Children Be “Witnesses” in Public School?
Should Everyone Homeschool?
Socialization and Why You Don’t Need It
Socialization Code, The
Socialization Myth, Part 2, The
Stereotypes Proven (in reverse) at College Orientation
Time for Kindergarten Round-Up?
Top 10 Homeschool Mommy Myths
Top 10 Things I Did NOT Need for Homeschooling
Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Began Homeschooling
Top 15 Mottoes to Get You Through Your First Homeschooling Year
Top 20 Snappy Comebacks for the Socialization Question
What Didn’t Work for Today Can Be Changed for Tomorrow
What Do You Do with a Smart Kid?
What Is the Problem with Homeschooling?
When Did I Become an Unschooler?
When Is Reading NOT Reading?
Why Choose Homeschooling?