Guilt-Free Homeschooling UNplanner — Product Description


CD-ROM: Guilt-Free Homeschooling UNplanner
Carolyn Morrison & Jennifer Morrison Leonhard
The Guilt-Free Homeschooling UNplanner is available on CD-ROM with PDF files consisting of unique planning and record-keeping modules that work for everyone from the non-planner to the uber-planner. These infinitely adaptable forms can be mixed and matched to fit each family’s situation. Use only the sections that you prefer and use their features as you wish to create a customized planner that meets your needs. Outline your plans by subject or by time (full year, month-at-a-time, or week-at-a-time) or use the combination of modules that best fits your homeschooling style and your family’s needs. Many of these forms can be used as attendance records for the states requiring them and can be vital in creating high school transcripts for college applications. You will most likely not use all of the modules at the same time or for all activities—that would just be overkill.

As a struggling new homeschooler, I looked at every planner that I could find, but I never found one that fit me. Most of them included sections I would never use and overlooked records I did want to keep. We learned early in our homeschooling career that a lot of learning was not plan-able and that life often inserted lessons on which we had not planned. My desire was to spend less time planning and have more time for the actual learning, so I began to develop my own charts for keeping track of what we did, and the Guilt-Free Homeschooling UNplanner came into being. These forms make record-keeping very simple: some things can be planned in advance, while others can be recorded after-the-fact with equal ease. All forms can be punched for convenient storage in a 3-ring binder. Each purchaser of this CD may make unlimited copies of these files for personal use for the duration of ownership, making the Guilt-Free Homeschooling UNplanner the last planner you will ever need to buy.

What is on the Guilt-Free Homeschooling UNplanner CD:

UNplanner Instructions Detailed descriptions of many alternative uses for the forms.

Planning Modules

  • Year—Single subject. See the entire year’s plan at once for any subject.
  • Year—Multi-subject. Easily compare progress in all subjects at once.
  • Month—1 page. For limited activities or personal goals for older students.
  • Month—2 pages. Large format for busy families.
  • Week—1 page. Simple assignment chart or focused view of busy week.
  • Week—2 pages. Excellent for very large or very busy families.
  • Log Sheets. Reading log, field trips, activities, projects & achievements.
  • Contacts. Essential names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Bonus Charts

  • 100-grid, blank or numbered. Use for activities/games in math, spelling…
  • Graph Paper, ¼” or 1 cm. Unlimited uses in math, language arts, artwork…
  • Number Lines & X-Y Graph. Don’t waste valuable time drawing lines.
  • Planned Courses. Know years in advance what materials can be reused…
  • High School Records. Concise records for transcript creation.


Best of all, the Guilt-Free Homeschooling UNplanner includes numerous articles from the Guilt-Free Homeschooling blog archives to help you see what to record, why, and when. Parents will find encouraging tips for improving a bad day or a boring lesson. There’s even a questionnaire to guide you through building an impressive high school transcript from your student’s non-traditional homeschool studies. Each of the modules also includes inspirational statements from Guilt-Free Homeschooling to brighten your day and lighten your load. Your planner should never become a source of guilt, but instead it should be a road map and compass to guide you to your final destination. The Guilt-Free Homeschooling UNplanner is the perfect guide, allowing you to track what actually happens as well as seeing what progress you anticipate under ideal conditions. The Guilt-Free Homeschooling UNplanner is flexible, customizable, and infinitely adaptable to every family, every situation, and every style of homeschooling.


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