Co-op Group Questions? Start Here!

Linked below are a few articles from Guilt-Free Homeschooling that will help you get started in a new adventure of starting or joining a cooperative homeschooling support group. These are not all of the articles that may apply to your unique situation, so please browse through our Titles Index and Topical Index for any other articles that may interest you. Articles are listed here in a chronological order to define terms and then help you establish a group, but feel free to read them in any order if you are already a member of such a group.

Homeschool Support Groups & Co-op Classes: The Basics

Co-op Classes: A Primer

How to Come Up with Co-op Classes

What Makes a “Bad” Co-op Class?

Possible Pitfalls in Homeschool Groups

Rules and Discipline in the Co-op Setting

Co-op Classes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Ideas for Co-op Classes

Ideas for Field Trips

Ideas for Special Events