Topical Index: Tactile Learning

The articles linked below offer tips or activities to help strengthen Tactile Learning skills, such as touching, feeling, and handling, even if tactile skills are not the main focus of the article.

 10 Fun Math Exercises from a BINGO Game
10 Ways to Ease into Homeschooling
10 Ways to Improve a Lesson
100-Grids and Flashcard Bingo
ABC Flashcards
Activity: Felt Shapes
Activity Jar, The
Alternate Methods for Teaching Geography
Alternate Methods for Teaching History
Alternate Methods for Teaching Math
Alternate Methods for Teaching Science
Alternate Methods for Teaching Spelling
Applying Learning Styles with Skip-Counting
Beanbags (No-Sew DIY)
Building Blocks for Success in Math
Dominoes Make Great Tactile “Flashcards”
Dot-to-Dot Skip-Counting
Freebie Magnets
Gee Whiz! Quiz
Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
Grammar with Giggles, Mad Libs Style
Handwriting — Beginning Techniques
Holidays Are Unit Studies — Learning During the Busy Season, the
Homeschool Gadgets: An Investment in Your Future or a Waste of Money?
Homeschool Summer Camp FUN!
Hopscotch — A Powerful Learning Game
Importance of Play in Education, The
Is Learning Limited to Books?
Lacing Shapes, DIY
Learning Styles
Learning Styles v. It’s a Syndrome
Letter and Number Recognition
Letter or Number Manipulatives (DIY)
Macaroni as Manipulatives
Map Puzzle
Math Awareness: Tactile Counting
Math Measuring Tape
Money Land Game
Moving Answer Worksheet, The
“Mystery Boxes” and the Scientific Method
New Approach to Spelling-Word Lists, A
Patterns, Part 2 — Number Patterns
Pipe Cleaners
Placemats + Magnets = Educational FUN!
Play Money
Pocket Charts (DIY)
Preschool Is Not Brain Surgery
Preschoolers’ educational School-time Activities
Read-Aloud Disruptions
Sidewalk Art
Sorting Toys Is Algebra
“Stealth Learning” Through Free Play
Sugar Cube Math
Sugar Cube Math, Part 2
Tactile Card Holders, Version 1
Tactile Card Holders, Version 2
Tactile Learners
Tactile Learning Bag
Tactile Learning Week, Monday: Top 10 Ways to Help Tactile Learners
Tactile Learning Week, Tuesday: #TakeMeBackTuesday, Tactile Learners
Tactile Learning Week, Wednesday: Most Misunderstood Trait of Tactile Learners
Tactile Learning Week, Thursday: #ThrowbackThursday, A Gem from the Tactile Archives
Tactile Learning Week, Friday: Top 10 Ways for an Older Tactile Learner to Help Himself
Tactile Lessons from Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan
Teach Your Children the Art of Amusing Themselves
Texture Dominoes
Value of Supplemental Activities, The
What Is the Missing Element?
What Made This a “Bad” Homeschool Day?
Wikki Stix as Learning Tools