Ideas for Field Trips

I consider a “field trip” to be an educational experience that involves traveling to a special location to participate in an event planned or hosted by others. This list contains all the field trips we have been able to remember from our eleven years of homeschooling. I am again intentionally not including details, so that you can be creative in structuring your own trips from the sites available to you. I live in an agricultural region, as is apparent in many of these trips; be brave in branching out to visit a variety of vocational and historical sites in your area.

Aviation day (airport, plane rides)
Bike hike
Challenger Learning Center (mock trip to the moon)
Children’s theater (performance)
Crane & wrecker service
Dairy farm
Egg “factory”
Emu farm
Fossil quarry
Goodwill Industries
Historic carousel
Historic homes/museums
Historical museums (county, state, university)
Historical re-enactments/performances
Ice skating rink
Iowa Air National Guard base
Junior art gallery
Law enforcement center
Living History Farms
Maple syrup making
Mattress factory
Meat locker
Nature centers
One-room schoolhouse museum
Operation Christmas Child regional headquarters (included volunteer service)
Pizza restaurant
Pizza toppings factory
Popcorn-popper factory
Post office
Prairie preserves
Reindeer farm
Riverboat ride/tour
Seed corn “factory”
Science centers/museums
Soil conservation/watershed project tour
Tractor assembly plant
Tulip festival
Veterinary college
Wildlife refuge
Wyatt Earp home/museum

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