Ideas for Special Events

My definition of “special events” is educational events of a larger scale than a class, though perhaps the culmination of a class. Special events are planned and hosted by your own homeschool group, even though you may also include other groups by invitation. This list contains all the special events we can remember from our eleven years of homeschooling. I am still purposely not including details, so that you can be creative in structuring your own events. If you desperately need explanations for certain events, I will be happy to oblige.

Adopt-a-Family Christmas service project
Art Fair
Basketball games (competitive w/Christian schools)
Basketball invitational tournaments (Elementary; Jr. High; Sr. High)
Book-It pizza party
Career Fair
Caribbean Cruise Night (cruise ship activities fun night)
Challenger Learning Center (major project, considered event/field trip/classes)
Christmas recital/recitation program
Citizenship program and essay contest
Concession stand at sports tournaments
Farewell picnic (summer)
Float entry in local parade
Graduation ceremonies (K, 8th, 12th)
History Fair
Instrumental band performance
Literature Fair
Mother/daughter Victorian tea
Music festival (w/Christian schools; vocal, instrumental)
Musicals (K-3rd, 4th-12th)
Operation Christmas Child service project
Parents’ dinner out
Patriotic program (vocal music)
Performance and exhibition program (spring)
Pizza-and-a-movie night
Play (rehearsals and performance)
President’s Physical Fitness Challenge
Roller-skating party
“School” photos
Science Fair
Speech contest (Elementary, Jr/Sr High)
Spelling Bee
Standardized testing
Teens’ canoe trip/river float & picnic
Teens’ Christmas cookie baking/delivery and caroling (service project)
Teens’ formal dinner
Used book sale
Valentines Banquet (for parents; served by students)
Volleyball tournament
Volunteer workday service project
Welcoming picnic (fall)

[For more information on cooperative classes and group activities, visit our Topical Index: Co-op Groups.]


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