Top 10 Signs that Unschooling Has Overtaken Your Life

This article was written by Jennifer Leonhard.

Top 10 (tongue-in-cheek) signs that unschooling has taken over your mindset completely and you might just need a spa day:

  1. When unloading your cart at Walmart, all you see is a giant algebra equation.
  2. You go for a walk in the park and tell your kids to get off the playground equipment because they have thoroughly proven the law of gravity, and it is time for biology class before this butterfly flies away again.
  3. You canceled your subscription to your local newspaper because your children were spending too much time correcting grammatical errors and not enough time on math.
  4. The guy sacking your groceries knows you well enough that he answers “Everyday is a learning day, and life is their classroom” when the cashier asks your kids “So, no school today?”
  5. You know that if you took a spa-day you would feel guilty that your children were missing out on a vocational field trip.
  6. Your kids ask if you can go out to eat tonight, not for the food, but because they are tired of studying fractions which inevitably happens every time you have them help you cook dinner.
  7. On date night with your husband you find yourself discussing the properties of beeswax and paraffin, instead of looking into his eyes over the candles he so thoughtfully lit to set the mood.
  8. When people ask where you get your scope and sequence for math and science, you answer “I DVR The Big Bang Theory.
  9. During a trip to the grocery store, your kids automatically replace the items you casually toss into the cart with choices that a) cost less per ounce, b) contain healthier ingredients, c) contain more food than packaging, or d) all of the above.
  10. Your kids ask to stop at the craft store and the library, but you tell them you’ll have to go home to get the big car first.

Have you noticed other fun indicators that unschooling has taken over your life? We’d love to hear them!! Share them in the comments!

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