Guilt-Free Homeschooling Summer Camp: Homeschool Moms’ Summer Camp

As a homeschooling mom, summer break was my time to refresh my objectives and rejuvenate my motivation. I took time to indulge in a few personal luxuries, such as holding down a lawn chair in the back yard or dabbling in a nearly forgotten hobby, and I usually took a few days to sort through our collection of school supplies to get ready for the next year. I also used my summer days to re-read a favorite book by another homeschooling mom, for the encouragement to keep on keeping on in this crazy, educational journey.

Moms need to hear voices of inspiration that affirm their choices and embolden their hearts. Every homeschool mom I’ve ever met is willing to hear more ideas on how to teach, and most of them want to take notes. My Mommy Summer Camp was a time to reflect on where we wanted to go and how we needed to get there. I wasn’t always able to attend a homeschool conference, but I could read books and magazines or talk to other moms to exchange ideas, and that had nearly the same effect.

For your own Mommy Summer Camp revitalization project, review the reasons why you chose to begin homeschooling. If you haven’t written those down before, now may be a good time to do so. Then you can add any new reasons that have cropped up in the past year. If you have an accumulation of your children’s papers and notebooks to sort through, take note of how much they’ve changed in the past months. Has their handwriting improved? Has the content or structure of their writing improved? Are they mastering much more complicated work than they could have attempted just nine short months ago? Those changes and improvements are your badges of honor, the proof of the value of what you’re doing. Sit down and savor that. You deserve it.

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