#ThrowbackThursday: Visual Learners

#ThrowbackThursday Gem from Visual ArchivesAs part of Visual Learning Week, we invite you to take a look back into the Guilt-Free Homeschooling archives. The gem we have selected as a supplement to this week’s focus is “Stealth Learning” Through Free Play for its ultra-sneaky approach to teaching in ways that look more like playing than learning. In fact, many stealthy lessons can take place while Mom isn’t even in the room, but is snatching a few well-chosen moments to start a load of laundry or help another child through a tough spot in his own lessons.

Visual learners are the most apt to notice patterns and relationships in playthings, manipulatives, and other learning tools, in the same way they notice details in the diagrams and charts used in their other lessons. This same concept can apply to stealth learning from a visual perspective: as your students stack and arrange letter tiles or dominoes into patterns, they will be stealthily observing mathematical proportions and other vital concepts. You can take advantage of the visual learner’s natural propensity for spotting details and patterns by giving them plenty of opportunities to experiment with manipulatives and by casually putting posters, charts, maps, diagrams, and lists of facts and/or vocabulary words around the house for your visual learner to absorb as more stealth learning. Learn how to spot the things your kids are already stealthily learning on their own. Enjoy!

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