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#TakeMeBackTuesday: Auditory Learners
#TakeMeBackTuesday: Kinesthetic Learners
#TakeMeBackTuesday: Tactile Learners
#TakeMeBackTuesday: Visual Learners
#ThrowbackThursday: A Gem from the Auditory Archives
#ThrowbackThursday: A Gem from the Kinesthetic Archives
#ThrowbackThursday: A Gem from the Tactile Archives
#ThrowbackThursday: A Gem from the Visual Archives
10 Fun Math Exercises from a BINGO Game
10 Ways to Ease into Homeschooling
10 Ways to Improve a Lesson
21 Things That Can Slow Homeschooling Progress
50 Reasons Why I Could Never Homeschool
100-Grids and Flashcard Bingo
ABC Flashcards
Activity Jar, The
Alternate Methods for Teaching English
Alternate Methods for Teaching Geography
Alternate Methods for Teaching History
Alternate Methods for Teaching Math
Alternate Methods for Teaching Science
Alternate Methods for Teaching Spelling
Am I Doing Enough?
Any Dead Fish Can Float Downstream
Applying Learning Styles with Skip-counting
Are We Homeschooling or Schooling at Home?
Are You an “Over-Protective” Mom?
Are You Ready for a Challenge? Pan-states!
Auditory Learners
Back to Homeschool with New Ideas
Backyard Carnival
Beanbags (No-Sew DIY)
Beauty of Logic (and Sudoku Puzzles), The
Becoming a Successful and Proud Quitter
Bells on Their Toes and Other Methods of Keeping Toddler Safe
Bible Is Relevant to My Life Today, The
Biblical Model of Discipleship
Bottom 10 Worst Parts of Homeschooling
Building Blocks for Success in Math
Building Blocks for Success in Spelling
But Public School Is Free…Won’t Homeschooling Cost a Lot?
Can You Convince My Husband to Homeschool?
Choose Your Battles
Classic Literature Is Not Necessarily Good Literature
Color-Coding As a Learning Tool
Common Homeschooling Myths Dispelled
Common Mistakes Made by New Homeschoolers
Co-op Classes: A Primer
Co-op Classes: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
Current Events 101
Curriculum Choices and Shoe Shopping, an Analogy
Day Without Lessons, A
Disadvantages of Homeschooling
Discouraging Families
Disrespectful Kids
Do the Best Job You Can and Pray for God to Clean Up the Rest
Dominoes Make Great Tactile “Flashcards”
Dot-to-Dot skip-counting
Driving My Minivan Is the Closest I Get to the “Homeschool Uniform”
Dropping the Drama
Encouragement Around the Campfire
Every Day Is a Learning Day, and Life Is Our Classroom
Family Is Spelled T-E-A-M
Family Planning (No, Not That Kind)
Felt Shapes
Forgotten Role Model: Spouse, The
Freebie Magnets
From the Mailbox: Disrespectful Kids
From the Mailbox: Pregnant & Homeschooling
From the Mailbox: Read-Aloud Disruptions
From the Mailbox: Troublesome Students
Full-Bodied Education: Mind, Body, & Spirit
Gee Whiz! quiz (math)
Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
Grammar with Giggles, Mad Libs Style
Guilt-Free Homeschooling Means Freedom
Guilt-Free Lesson Plans and Scheduling
Handwriting — Beginning Techniques
Help! My Student Finished the Book Too Fast!
Holiday Help
Holiday Survival Tips for Toxic Family Gatherings
Holidays Are Unit Studies — Learning During the Busy Season, The
Home Chores Build a Good Work Ethic
Homeschool Beginnings — A Child’s Point of View
Homeschool Gadgets: An Investment in Your Future or a Waste of Money?
Homeschool Moms’ Summer Camp
Homeschool Success Story: Teaching a Fifth Grader to Read, A
Homeschool Summer Camp FUN!
Homeschool Summer Reading Activities
Homeschool Summer Scheduling
Homeschool Support Groups & Co-op Classes: The Basics
Homeschooler’s View of Education, A
Homeschooling an Only Child
Homeschooling and Hotel Management, an Analogy
Homeschooling Failures I Have Known — and What Can Be Learned from Them
Homeschooling High School
Homeschooling Is a Choice
Homeschooling Is Hard Work
Homeschooling the Neighborhood
Hopscotch–A Powerful Learning Game
How Can I Teach Out-of-the-Box Thinking?
How Did You Learn to Write?
How Long Should I Homeschool?
How to Adapt Lessons to Fit Your Student’s Interests and Make Learning Come Alive
How to Come Up with Co-op Classes
How to Encourage Learning
How to Teach Your Kids at Home Without Killing Yourself in the Process
Husband & Wives: Why They Teach Differently
I Give One Grade: 100% — But You Get to Keep Trying Until You Get It
Ideal Homeschool Atmosphere, The
Ideas for Co-op Classes
Ideas for Field Trips
Ideas for Special Events
If This Is HOMEschooling, Why Are We Always in the CAR?
If You Can Present Your Case with Facts and Logic and Without Whining, I Will Listen with an Open Mind
If You Have Children, You DO Homeschool
Ignorance Is Not Forever
Importance of Play in Education, The
Involving Dads in Homeschooling
Is Learning Limited to Books?
Is This “Acceptable Behavior”?
It’s So HOT, You Could Fry an Egg Outside!
Junior High (Middle School) Is a Waste of Time (Yours and Theirs)
Kids Will Be Kids
Kinesthetic Learners
Know-It-All Attitude, The
Knowing How to Find the Answer Is the Same as Knowing the Answer
Lacing Shapes, DIY
Ladies — What Day Is It?
Learning Styles
Learning Styles v. It’s a Syndrome
Learning to Walk — Seen as a New Lesson
Letter and Number Recognition
Letter or Number Manipulatives (DIY)
Life Is Black and White — There Is No Gray
Limiting “Worldly” Vocabulary
Living Your Life with No Regrets
Looking Back on the Bad Days
Looking for the “Hard Part”
Lunch Will Be Served When the Math Lesson Is Finished
Macaroni as Manipulatives
Map Puzzle
Mastery vs. Perfection
Math Awareness: Tactile Counting
Math Measuring Tape
Meatball Education: Filling in the Potholes of Public School
Money Land Game
Most Misunderstood Trait of Auditory Learners
Most Misunderstood Trait of Kinesthetic Learners
Most Misunderstood Trait of Tactile Learners
Most Misunderstood Trait of Visual Learners
Moving Answer Worksheet, The
Mundanes, Too-days, and Woe-is-me-days
My “Rule of 3”
My Student Is Trying, but Just Not Learning as Expected
“Mystery Boxes” and the Scientific Method
Myth of Age-Mates, The
Name This Figure, or Are There Really Any Wrong Answers?
Natural Science
Never-ending Question: Whyyyyy?, The
New Approach to Spelling-Word Lists, A
Old Dog or Not, Learn Something New
Our Reasons for Homeschooling
Outdated Excuses for Why You Could Never Homeschool
“Parent” Is a Verb
Parenting 101
Patterns, Part 2 — Number Patterns
People LIVE in This House
People Who Nearly Scared Me Away from Homeschooling
Pipe Cleaners
Placemats + Magnets = Educational FUN!
Play Money
Pocket Charts (DIY)
Possible Pitfalls in Homeschool Groups
Pregnant & Homeschooling
Preschool Is Not Brain Surgery
Preschoolers’ Educational School-Time Activities
Questions from a First-time Homeschooler
Rainy Day — A Post-Homeschooling Perspective
Read-Aloud Disruptions
Redeeming a Disaster Day
Reminding Myself of My Ultimate Goal
Reschedule, Refocus, Regroup
Respect Must Be Earned
Role Modeling: Who’s Who — Otherwise Known as Teaching by Example
Rules and Discipline within the Co-op Group Setting
Sample Transcript & Diploma
Screening — Paying Attention to Red Flags
Second-hand Attitudes
Shopping Trip Bingo
Should Children Be “Witnesses” in Public School?
Should Everyone Homeschool?
Should My Child Go to Preschool?
Siblings as Best Friends
Sick Days, Snow Days, and Other Interruptions
Sidewalk Art
So You Think You’re Not Smart Enough to Homeschool?
Social Skills — What Should I Teach My Preschooler?
Socialization and Why You Don’t Need It
Socialization Code, The
Socialization Myth, Part 2, The
Sorting Toys Is Algebra
Speaking of Education…
Spoken Destinies and Learned Behaviors
Standardized Testing
Standing Up Against “The Lie”
Star Wars Goes Homeschool
Start Homeschooling for One Reason, but Continue for Another
Start with Reading, Handwriting, & Arithmetic, and Save the Rest for Later
“Stealth Learning” Through Free Play
Stereotypes Proven (in reverse) at College Orientation
Sugar Cube Math
Sugar cube Math, Part 2
Summer — A Help or a Hindrance?
Surviving the First Year of Homeschooling after Leaving Public School
Surviving the Mid-Year Slump
Tactile Card Holders, Version 1
Tactile Card Holders, Version 2
Tactile Learners
Tactile Learning Bag
Tactile Lessons from Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan
Take It Outside!
Taming the Laundry Monster
Teach Your Children the Art of Amusing Themselves
Teach Your Students to Teach Themselves
Teaching Decision-Making
Teaching Spelling (and Grammar) Through Reading and Listening
Teaching the Satisfaction of a Job Well Done
Teaching with Preschoolers Around… and Under… and on Top… and Beside
“Test Drive” Homeschooling
Tests, Book Reports, and Other Un-necessities
Texture Dominoes
Things I Couldn’t Homeschool Without
Time for Kindergarten Round-Up?
Too Much, Too Fast = Burnout
Top 10 Benefits of Homeschooling with Grace
Top 10 Dress-up Items
Top 10 Homeschool Mommy Myths
Top 10 Questions on Leaving Public School
Top 10 Signs That Unschooling Has Overtaken Your Life
Top 10 Signs You’re Doing a Good Job as a Homeschooling Parent
Top 10 Things I Did NOT Need for Homeschooling
Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Began Homeschooling
Top 10 Ways for an Older Auditory Learner to Help Himself
Top 10 Ways for an Older Kinesthetic Learner to Help Himself
Top 10 Ways for an Older Tactile Learner to Help Himself
Top 10 Ways for an Older Visual Learner to Help Himself
Top 10 Ways to Help Auditory Learners
Top 10 Ways to Help Kinesthetic Learners
Top 10 Ways to Help Tactile Learners
Top 10 Ways to Help Visual Learners
Top 10 Ways to Salvage an Interrupted Day
Top 15 Mottoes to Get You Through Your First Homeschooling Year
Top 20 Snappy Comebacks for the Socialization Question
Transcript Writing
Troublesome Students
Untangling the Math Pages
Using Your Household Staff
Valuable Jump-start in Math, A
Value of Supplemental Activities, The
Various Stages of Homeschooling, The
Visual Learners
Warm-Up Questions
We’re Not Raising Children — We’re Raising Adults
What About Writing Assignments?
What Didn’t Work for Today Can Be Changed for Tomorrow
What Do You Do with a Smart Kid?
What Is the Missing Element?
What Is the Problem with Homeschooling?
What Is Your “Best”?
What Made This a “Bad” Homeschool Day?
What Makes a “Bad” Co-op Class?
When Children Mispronounce Words
When Did I Become an Unschooler?
When Good Kids Become Not So Good
When Is Reading NOT Reading?
Where Do I Begin???
Who Taught This Kid to Walk, Talk, and Potty?
Who Wrote This “Rule Book” and Why Do I Think I Have to Follow It?
Why Aren’t You in SCHOOL?
Why Choose Homeschooling?
Why Does Math Class Take SO LONG?
Wikki Stix as Learning Tools
Wise Man Learns from the Mistakes of Others, The
Yada, yada, yada…
You and I Drive Different Cars
Your Children Will Not Always Be Like This